Monday, 18 April 2011


For today's blog I am going to talk about turquoise. I really like the colour turquoise because it is such a bright and vibrant colour. I find that it is very relaxing and calming. I also like that it goes with many other different colours and neutrals. I think that turquoise is a colour that you can use anywhere, you can use it for walls, furniture, fabrics or as an accent. The only place I probably wouldn't use it is for a whole room carpet. I might use it as a accent rug but not a whole carpet.

Here is an example of a turquoise room. I think that it a very nice room. The turquoise on the wall really helps to open up the space. The simple, neutral furniture really helps to focus on the wall colour which is beautiful. The one thing I really don't like about this room is that the couch is the same colour as the wall, this makes the couch blend in with the walls. When I first looked at the picture I didn't really notice it until I took a closer look. The black and white really helps to make the room look elegant and classic. I think this is a great example of how to do turquoise walls.

Here is an example of turquoise furniture. The furniture is the main focal point of the room but it doesn't over power the room. I think this room is very pretty, the couch and chair are the main areas with turquoise but the rug and walls also have turquoise in them. I really like that they used a small amount of turquoise on the wall, it really ties in the room and completes it. This is a really great way to do a bright colour like turquoise because it is present in the room but not over powering.

This room is quite different than the previous two rooms I showed you, the main different is that turquoise is not the only bright colour in the room. The yellowish green is the main colour in the room and the turquoise is more of an accent. I think this room is very unique and different. The turquoise is only used in fabric and a container beside the bed. Personally I don't really like canopy beds with big pieces of fabric hanging down but this one is still quite nice. Fabric wouldn't be my favourite way to use turquoise but that is because I like it to be a more dominant colour, but for people who are too scared to use turquoise as a wall colour or for furniture fabric is a great way to do it.

One thing I really love about turquosie is that it goes great with black and white, especially zebra print! The turquoise really helps to lighten the effect of the black and white print, weather it is zebra or stripes or whatever you like. It makes the pattern softer and more friendly.

The colour turquoise can be used in so many cool and interesting ways! It is so fun and vibrant. It is a great main colour and a great accent colour. Even if you find turquoise intimidating in large doses but you like the colour there are different ways for you to use it without going crazy. You just have to experiment and try things out. Turquoise is a great colour and I hope you will consider using it!


  1. Love your blog Marliese :) Turquoise is such a pretty color, really popular nowadays. All the interiors you showcased are really different but all pair with the color turquoise really well.